I can’t believe I’m doing this 🙂  My name is Ryan.  I’m Canadian.  I’m the author of http://www.thoughtsandrantsinjoggingpants.com For reasons I can’t even describe (but will attempt to anyways), I can’t get enough of Las Vegas.  Here’s the crazy part……I don’t even gamble.  I find myself (often) speaking of my Vegas trips, convincing people to go, arguing with non-believers, planning people’s itineraries, and imagining what I’ll do next time I’m there.

Then one day I thought…… Hey!!!  Vegas should pay me for all the good publicity and goodwill I provide.  I’m not asking for much.  Just a few free nights at a hotel….a few free meals….. a few free show tickets….. but how does Vegas know that I’m constantly promoting it???

Enter http://www.paymevegas.com!!  Part travel blog, part hobby, part social experiment, part waste of time, part attempt to some how get paid for bringing more tourism to the crazy city of Las Vegas!!  Are my blogging skills up to the test?  Time will tell!  I’m hoping to entertain you and convince you to go to Vegas for your next vacation at the same time.  If you do end up going…. please be kind enough to leave me some feedback and let me know how awesome it was.

Vegas, if you’re reading this…… PAY ME!!!!!!


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