Buffet Fantasies

As many times as I’ve been to Vegas, I’ve never done the Buffet of Buffets 24 Hour Pass.  I’ve vowed to many a time.  When I’m with my wife, she usually squashes the idea because she’s half my size, and couldn’t possibly do the type of damage that I’m confident I could do.  She likes to pull the ‘I’m trying to save your life’ card when denying me this fantasy of mine.  So sweet.

For context I should explain what the Buffet of Buffets promotion is.  On the Las Vegas strip, a fair number of the hotels are owned by 2 ownership groups.  One of which is Caesars.  They own Harrah’s, Paris, Rio, Bally’s, The Quad, Flamingo, and of course Caesar’s Palace.  This is great if you want to sign up for a rewards program.  This way you don’t have to stay in the same casino to rack up rewards points, as long as they’re affiliated with the same group of hotels.

If you haven’t been to Vegas, it’s important to understand that almost every hotel has a buffet restaurant.   When you can’t decide what you want to eat, or you feel like stuffing your face to within an inch of its life, the buffet is for you.  Caesars not only has a quality rewards program, but they have a 24 hour pass for their buffets.  What this means (not that any of you should need clarification, but some of you might have started drooling, so let me repeat) is that for 24 hours, you can go to the buffets at any of those hotels for one price $49.99.

DISCLAIMER…… This is a picture of an advertisement on the side of Bally’s that I took in 2010.  IT IS NO LONGER $39.99, but can you imagine??????

Fall 2010 143


I’ve planned out in my head a million times which ones I would go to, in which order, and how I can screw the system by actually getting 4 meals out of it.  As if I could ever eat 4 buffet meals in 24 hours.

One day Vegas…. one day!!!  I will get that Buffet Pass!  I can feel my arteries seizing up just thinking about it 🙂

I thought I’d finish this post by mentioning which hotel buffets I’d been to in Vegas.

– Flavors (Harrah’s)

– Carnival World Buffet (Rio)

– Wicked Spoon (Cosmopolitan)

– The Buffet (Aria)

– Paradise Buffet (Fremont)

– Cravings Buffet (The Mirage)

– MGM Grand Buffet (Uhhh I forgot which hotel this one is ….. oh yeah….. MGM Grand)

– Excalibur Buffet (The Excalibur)

– Spice Market Buffet (Planet Hollywood)

– The Las Vegas Hilton Buffet (LVH)

I will say that the Wicked Spoon is the best one I’ve been to, and Flavors at Harrah’s was probably my favorite ‘bang for the buck’ one.

Which buffets not listed here must I try next????




3 thoughts on “Buffet Fantasies

  1. Felt I had to stop by and make my periodic snarky comment about a place I abhor. I’ve eaten at the Caesar’s buffet, and I must say it takes more than 24 hours to recover from. PS: You should write a post about Asians knowing how to buffet properly – ie. Partake of the seafood first…AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Leave out the filler stuff, like breads, rice and fried crap. But this will make you seem racist.

    • It’s not racist if you ask me to comment on it 😉 Here are my thoughts. Asians can’t avoid the temptation to eat rice at a buffet. This is their buffet downfall, culturally speaking. Other keys to a buffets for Asians or anyone else for that matter, is not to drink while you’re eating (and I mean water, not booze….try to avoid soup too). They will always come around with water, or to take your drink order because they know if you have liquid sloshing around down there filling you up, you will not eat as much, and they win! Baby sips of water if you must, but save it until the end! I must say Susan, that for someone that CLAIMS to not love Las Vegas, you do seem to be a good supporter of this blog. Is it morbid curiosity???

      • You’ve touched on a topic near and dear to me and my ancestors’ hearts – BIG BUFFETS. And who does big buffets better than Vegas? I’ll give them that. While buffets have fallen in popularity behind an all-beef patty on a sesame seed bun, we Chinese have kept their memories alive. And, as a Chinese I’m impressed by your knowledge of buffet eating techniques.

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